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Chantelle Grove:

I’m passionate about all things creative. I seek harmony between work and life.

I studied a BA Degree in Creative Brand Communication with Specialization in Graphic Design at AAA School of Advertising.  After this I did an Internship with Hello Computer Digital Design Agency in Cape Town. Then I ran the Cape Town Design Department for Meridian Wine Merchants and now I do all the design and marketing for the MST Group.

Chantelle Grove Graphic Design is my freelance graphic design company. We specialise in custom graphics that are clean, elegant and timeless.

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Who do you look up to / inspires you?

I find a lot of my inspiration through nature and the pure beauty it has to offer.
The lines and harmony in nature is beyond inspirational.

What do you do for fun?

At the moment I am busy with a blog called One Sketch A Day (

The inspiration behind this blog was to rekindle the essence of the authentic mlb jerseys art of design, which was the real reason I pursued this career. The idea was to step away from the digital and go back to my “roots” so to say. Besides this I am definitely a “foodie”!

I love going to new restaurants and eating different foods. My most visited destination is by far Franschhoek, the best food and wine in the country.

How does your typical day-in-the-life look like?

I am definitely a morning person!
I am usually up before the sun, but my day doesn’t officially start until I have my first cup of coffee from my cat mug (lets just say I have a slight caffeine addiction). During the day I work for a company as their full time graphic designer, but after hours the world is my oyster. My freelance work is what I live for. With a large range of clients, I am always challenged with new things.

Worst Entrepreneur moment?

I think it has got to be not believing in myself. I have turned down jobs that I thought might be too difficult for me to accomplish. But in hindsight I should have taken on the challenge, as now I know that I have the resources to get anything done.

When did you fail, and what did you learn?

When working on a project I didn’t insist on a deposit for the work I was doing. I tend to be too accommodating. I was left high and dry half way through the project for nothing to football jerseys cheap show for the hard work I had put in. I learnt that even though it may be tough to demand a deposit, it is something that is absolutely necessary to ensure that you have back covered for the valuable time, effort and energy you spend on a project.The Space Between Us film

When was your Entrepreneur AH-HA/light-bulb moment?

When I first started my freelance design business I had limited knowledge. I took on a client who had needs that far surpassed my knowledge at the time. I decided to take on the challenge regardless of my limitations. I completed the job successfully with lots of research and tutorials to guide me, BUT I DID IT! Never let your lack of knowledge limit what you take on, go out there, research, do online tutorials, go through trials and errors until you are a pro!

What is your greatest success?

I think it is the evolution of my freelance business. I started with advertising my business on gumtree for minimal price to get in clients. I am now at a point where I have regular clients as well as clients finding me through online sources and referrals! There is nothing better than someone referring their friend or colleague to your business because of the great work you did.

What makes you feel on top of the world?

There is nothing better for me than after a long days work to go down to the stables and ride my horse, Griffin. I think it is so important that you have something that you can do at the end of a tough day that will clear your mind, whether it be reading, gyming or whatever else works for you. Make sure you have this as part of your everyday routine so that you don’t get stuck in a rut. This will help you relieve some of your stress, allowing you to stay creative.

What kind of daily habits, have you developed to get you where you are right now?

I ALWAYS start my day with a cup of coffee and read through my mails. This allows me to get into the swing of things at my own pace while getting the annoying admin out of the cheap jerseys way. Once I am awake and ready to go I browse through social media and the web for inspiration before I get stuck into a design. I find this pattern allows me to ease into work effectively.

What is your future goals/plans?

Long term goal:
To eventually be my own boss!!

Mid term goal:
To have various small projects that are self sufficient.

Short term goal:
Currently I am testing a t-shirt range, my goal is to have an online store for interesting t-shirt prints, and hopefully more…

What projects are you busy working on now?

Currently I have a blog – One Sketch A Day which is something I am continually working on. These sketches have taken me into new water as I am using them for a my new t-shirt project. I am doing test runs of t-shirts to see if it appeals to the market and hoping to bring a new aspect into my current work.

What important lessons/tips can you give to help us/people that want to do what you do?

You NEED cheap hockey jerseys to be self motivated.
This is the most difficult part, as only you can keep yourself going after a failed project, or a horrible client, remember to bounce back from these things.
You have to wake up every morning and continue learning, you will never know it all, but you can equip yourself with as much ammo as possible.

Do you have any Business Resources you recommend?

I love, it has a little bit of everything in it.

Also here are some of my favorite websites for free images:

What is the first thing/image’s that comes to your mind:


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A harmonious balance between work and play!


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